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This application has been designed, developed and field tested here in Australia in conjunction with horse professionals, property owners, vets, farriers, dentists, transport companies, breeders and owners. The product is inexpensive and will help you save time and money.

Horse Passport has been designed for the horse owner or a responsible party that provides care on behalf of an owner.

Horse Passport SP has been tailored to meet the specific demands of each of the specialist horse professionals as they travel from horse to horse and property to property.

What you decide to record is up to you. Horse Passport will provide you the information you record when you need it.

Other Service Offerings

This horse has been fitted with a GPS tracker and our handmade break away collar that was specifically designed and field tested over a 12-month period. You may have a need to track a horse on a large property or during the foaling season or just as a general interest to monitor the horse’s movement. Send an email to for more information.

24×7 recording and remote viewing access is invaluable during foaling season or when working with a mob or monitoring a sick horse. If there is ever an incident with staff or horses in your care you will have the peace of mind knowing you’re covered. No matter the time of day or where you may be, you can be a click away.

As we know, disease and the ease in which disease spreads between humans and other animals is on the rise. We need to be proactive to ensure that we continue to improve and evolve our traceability processes aligned to technology advancements and privacy. From a horse welfare and traceability aspect, there are critical pieces of information that will enhance the abilities of health authorities to reduce the spread of disease to or from your horse. Our traceability framework is paperless and completely automated. In June 2020 we registered Australian Provisional Patent Application No. 35543391/RJC and received a research and development grant from the Victorian State Government.

Affordable Pricing

This software platform has been designed and developed for the equine community – the inexpensive license fees cover the costs of your data.

Horse Passport

Horse Passport has been designed for the horse owner or a responsible party that provides care on behalf of an owner.

Horse Passport SP

Horse Passport SP has been tailored to meet the specific demands of specialist horse professionals as they travel from horse to horse and property to property. Bill disputes will become a thing of the past, send the customer the work performed and the horses you worked on in a couple of clicks. You will be able to reference the previous history for that horse in one click of the view history option.


Horse Passport
Horses Per Month (AUD)
1 $1.99
5 $6.99
20 $9.99
20+ Call to discuss
Horse Passport SP
Horses Per Month (AUD)
Unlimited Call to discuss

Additional Options

Option Price (AUD)
GPS Tracking $9.99 / horse / month
GPS Unit (one off cost) $299.00
Handmade breakaway collar (one off cost) $89.00

All prices are in AUD

Professional Services

If you have an Excel or CSV file of the horses you currently own or are responsible for, we can assist in loading your account quickly. The more horse details you have the better.

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What is a microchip scanner and do I need one to use the Horse Passport app?  You certainly do not need a scanner to maintain your horse records or identify a horse, but scanner details are provided below for those interested.

A horse, cat or dog can be implanted with a microchip (transponder) and the chip id is registered to a database.

Thoroughbreds are registered to Studbook

Harness horses are registered to Harness Racing Australia

Dogs and cats are registered to central animal records

A microchip scanner reads microchips by creating a magnetic field that forces the implanted chip to pass its id to the scanner.

Approximately 80% of horses are NOT microchipped and scanners are rarely used to identify the horse. We encourage you to verify the horse id prior to performing any work on the horse, chipped or not.

Our extensive field testing suggests the most affordable and reliable scanner is RT100 V8 ($250 – $400).

We are always looking for new ways of doing things – let’s face it, you can’t sit still.

Check out some of our R&D from July 2020 reading a microchip with an iPhone.

Our current project has the team buzzing!

You might have an idea that you need some help with – maybe we can help?

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